Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lego Party NZ

Ok yes, if you did not know it already, it is time to come out of the pantry -  I am one of those crazy obsessive mum's who go "all out" for parties, I cannot help it I love it, it is part of who I am so if you don't like it then stop reading! ;) If however you can find some inspiration from it without getting tired by just looking at it ,then fabulous it gives me reason for putting it up here! 

So master 5 is obsessed with Lego, master 2.10 is also for that matter. I spent ages trawling through websites to find ideas on Lego parties, but I have to admit that I find it a tad annoying that you stumble upon a fantastic idea, only to find that something like "Graham crakers" are needed. So I am pleased to be able to offer my New Zealand version of a Lego party! 

So it is only fitting to introduce the party ideas with my very own design of lego lumps. Simple and even easier if you have some mild form of ocd like me!

Simply sort out those mini m&m's by colour and into groups of six, melt a little chocolate and mark six spaces on each pineapple lump and attach your m&m's. I am pleased I used the chocolate (which was leftover from another recipe below) as we had no drops off's during the party

Next up where the marshmallow cake pops, I got my idea from here but I just snipped a mini marshmallow in half, pulled a bit of the big marshmallows top off and stuck them together with reinforcement through the humble toothpick ( I could not locate lolly sticks easily) 

One bit of advice is to definitely freeze these before dipping them in the white chocolate (I added a bit of yellow food colouring to the chocolate) it makes them rock hard so much easier to work with.

I used a toothpick and my black food colouring gel to draw the faces. It is easier than it seems, if you draw a smiley face shape [ like this ) but the right way around!] for the start of the sunglasses then go from there and just add some stubble for sides and around the mouth.

Atlantis Jello's nice and simple 3 colours of jelly & some clear cups. Make sure you start this the day or so before. After the first layer, I just let the jelly mixture cool down before pouring it on top of the other layers

Also above are a selection of lego coloured crispy m&m's, Basset's jelly beans and fruit bursts

The lego cake! I got the final idea from this site which has some fabulous ideas on it plus the tutorials are videos once again. Key tips: Freeze the cake for 30 minutes before crumb coating made such a difference! 

Chocolate Lego men I got from a mould I purchased from Ebay (cute but not a necessity! )

This was a last minute idea, I found two recycled matching glass jars in the cupboard, filled them with lego's and popped the balloons in. I found the sticks at The Warehouse 

Ok this is my ocd coming through again, we are fortunate enough to have bought a large bulk amount of lego from Ebay in the UK, for the equivalent of NZD $50 so I sorted them into colours added some boards.

I love this idea I got from a friend to peg up the birthday cards as you get them, it is all to easy to set them aside and loose them. This way they become part of the decorations! Especially when a very clever 5 year old makes a lego head card! 

Party bags! I love party bags, it is one of my favourite parts of a party. The original idea from here but those little gift bags which may be very cheap in the USA are $4 + here each and with 12 kids that is slightly expensive! So I found a pack of 10 bags in the party section at the Warehouse and stuck some circles on top with foamies.

Inside I put the usual lollies, some lego stickers and a little lego toy, these I sourced from this amazing website which you can search for by country and I sourced mine from Europe in the end for about $2 NZD each.
This is also a great place to find those missing bit of lego that have gone up the vacuum ;)

So I have one very happy 5 year old, who saved his cake for after tea, Happy Birthday my Matty :)


  1. Well done Kirsty, your party looks amazing, no wonder Matty has such a big grin on his face in the last photo :-)
    (Great tip about freezing the cake before the crumb coat- I'll be trying it out in a few days time!)

  2. Looks great. Love all the ideas if mine ever want a lego party I'll be copying you!