Friday, December 23, 2011

A Holiday Week in Photos

I have been keeping a photo diary this week of all the Holiday things we have been up to, I certainly got into the holiday mood last Saturday night with some Christmas  music and Christmas card making!

Then we moved on to the brilliant Nativity they have each year at church, all the kids dress up as either Angels, Kings, Sheppard's or Sheep as the Nativity story is told and groups of kids come up on queue, I have vowed to make some more King's costumes for next year though as there were some very disappointed little boys with only 4 king outfits to go around.

Then later that day we went for early Christmas dinner at our friends house. Tin up chicken **** was on the menu, one cider and one coke. Very delicious even if it looks ridiculous!

Monday and Tuesday we had two sets of friends over and I found on one of the afternoon's the boys just chilling out as brothers

Tuesday afternoon we went to the Snow Dome in Hagley Park. The boys loved it, had heaps of fun throwing the soft stuff around and got a Cadbury chocolate at the end . We then went here

 The Telecom Christmas tree, where you get to phone Santa and

Jumping on bean bags! While mum gets to relax on one of herself and chill in the sunshine

Wednesday was a trip to visit Mary and her new baby (which was not Jesus) the boys were very good at being gentle & quite, so afterwards we took a diversion past the Air force museum, what a treat especially for boys and it is free! 

Thursday was started with a healthy treat of pancakes (1 cup flour, 1 cup of milk, 1 egg & some sugar)

After crackers and cheese for lunch we headed off at 12:15 to the grotto in Spreydon not one person in the queue (Big grin) This is a total must to take the kids to at Christmas we went around twice

Friday well ... Friday started pretty good with a trip to the Library

and then we had another massive earthquake at 1:58  a 5.8 . It is amazing the calmness a mother can have if she sees her children are safe and taking the "turtle position" well at least one of them, the youngest attempt was more like a photo shoot shot with his hands under his chin! 

If that was not enough we had a 5.3 8 minutes later and to totally ensure a damper on Christmas spirits a 6.0 at 3.18pm! The boys just totally went with it, Matthew taking the right position everytime and Luke eventually learning. I did feel slightly lonely under the table for the 6 on my own so decided to come out! 

Very pleased to have a cheese and wine to go to that evening even more pleased it was only a few houses down the road! I made these yummy cheese crackers from Nigela Lawsons Domestic Goddess cook book (a must for anyone who loves cooking).

We ended off the week in our beautiful new city doing a bit of window shopping it was great to see so many people out especially after yesterday.

Justin & Pookey in front of some of the container shops

Having a good look through the Ballantyne Christmas windows

Streets filled with Sunshine :)

All of the things we did this week were free, except the Grotto which was $2.

Today the fruit cake is baking and Christmas tree hanging cookies will be made shortly more pressies to wrap and then we shall all snuggle up for the Christmas eve movie followed by chocolate Santa's under the tree while we hum a few carols - can't wait.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone! Especially as those Christmas cards are for next year! 

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  1. Hey - enjoyed your pics and post - miss you guys!!! Merry Christmas! Angx