Holiday Ideas

1. Grow a Garden
2. Visit a museum
3. Pack a picnic and head for a local park
4. Paint the pavement with water
5. Bake cookies to take to a friends house
6.Put some music on and dance!
7. Blow up some balloons and let them float up into the air
8. Bake some cut out and decorate cookies
9. Go for a swim at the local pool
10. Find a new park
11. Make a treasure map to find something new give a copy each to the kids and drive or walk around the neighbourhood
12. Visit a pet store
13. Have a miniture lunch under the table, cutting up everything to tiny sizes
14.Play hide and seek
15.Go for a bus ride
16. Find a bridge to play pooh sticks
17. Put the sprinkler on and jump through the middle
18. Pick a bunch of flowers from your garden and give it to someone special
19. Make a tent using blankets, washing lines and get out the torches!
20. Play rock paper scissors
21. Do a peg treasure hunt in the garden
22. Set up a vet with all the teddies, puppies and kittens from your soft toy's
23. Make an obstacle course in your garden using chairs, plastic containers and balls
24. Find some sweets & snacks from the cupboard, place in plastic containers on a small table and cut up some pretend paper money. Give to the kids to come and buy some candy
25. Draw chalk pictures on the footpath (then refer to point 4 above)