My name is Kirsty I am 30 yrs old and a mother to two beautiful boys. Married for 10 years and running a business for just over a year. I have been a Christian since I was a tot and I don't know how we could have been through what we have without God on our side!

After school I studied part time while working to become a charted accountant. I am originally from Cape Town South Africa where my family still lives. We moved to London while we were studying and I spent the most of my career working in a German Bank which I really enjoyed, but after trying the going back to work once Matthew was almost a year, God blessed us with redundancy just before our move to New Zealand and Luke's birth.

Adoption is a big part of our lives, and we hope in the near future to have a new member join our family.

Whats my style? I love vintage, shabby chic, family, memories, traditions, bright and bold pretty and subtle.

This blog has been set up to keep track  (like a diary) of the day to day life of being a mumtrepreneur covering issues from Business, Family, Recipes, God and natural disasters (in no particular order!)

When you are able to put down your week in one place it is amazing how much you see that you have accomplished, it gives others inspiration and keeps track of all those special moments.

Hope you enjoy your comments are always welcome!


My boys

Mum & Dad

My sister (well cousin but sister sounds better)

My brother & I