Thursday, April 19, 2012

Living in the moment

One of my first experiences this morning  -besides meeting the courier once again in my pj's -  was having a sip of coffee (while I rushed into the shower 10 minutes before the store opened) and instead of getting mouthful of milky espresso, I got a mouthful of milk skin. Yuck.

I looked in the mirror and thought oh dear  if this is the start of the day, what lies ahead! Have you ever said a "God please keep me sane today" prayer?"

 The sophisticated version is "God please give me grace for this day" Same thing really. Well I decided to make a choice and give my day to God, I was not going to let  my busy day rule me, but rather the other way around.

The shop was manic, I had a rep come over while I was making the boys lunch, but you know what? My boys were brilliant once again. I hardly heard from them in 4 hours. (This is not how it always goes I have to add here!) But stealing those moments in those "shop hours" to do stuff with them like this:

And to make them car cut out sandwiches and heart pieces of cheese for lunch and Matty saying: " Are these hearts because you love us so much mummy?" These are those special moments that you have to remember.

As mum's we seem to live on guilt, guilt because we do work and don't spend time with the kids, guilt because we don't work and possibly can't provide as well, guilt when we spend 5 minutes doing something for us and then to top it off you meet an older person who says, "Cherish the moments as they go by to quickly" Great more guilt!

I was discussing this with a mum friend this week and we both agreed about living in the moment. If your child asks you to dance with them - then do it! If they need to show you their new superhero moves, then go look! But don't stop living your life to the full just so you can stare 24/7 at your kids!

When my half day was over at work by 2pm today, we had a Q&A session figuring out what to do with our last bit of holidays. Luke ended up saying he would like to stay at home and Matty said he would like a picnic in the park. So that is what we did!

I met another school mum in the park who was slightly impressed with our "setup". I told her it was our little treat for the day. I need more tins by the way, perfect for popping snacks into vintage style. And whilst my "setup" was impressive, she was watching a total of 5 kids that afternoon - helping out a friend - that is impressive! 

Have I told you that one of our kittens Milo follows us where ever we go? She should have been a dog really. Decided to share my milk with her, she must have felt like a princess.

What a great afternoon making memories that will last forever with my boys.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Being a Mumtrepreneur

School holidays are here. This time instead of planning something special and exciting for each day we have just taken each day as it has come. This is Matthews first official "school holidays" so it has been nice to just revert back to how it used to be.

There is another factor though, business does not stop during school holidays, the 3 mornings I have child free are vital to getting essentials completed so I am having to work around these. Today was one of those days when I basically had my laptop open all day working on the newsletter and website piece by piece in between finding lego pieces, building lego ships, making lunch and dancing with the boys.

This is a common event in our house, but I choose to see it from the positive. Yes I miss out on being a mum 24/7 and being there playing with them all day however,

A) I think this is a sugar coated dream in my head and I bet you can ask any fulltime mum if she spends 9 hours a day playing with her child and I think you would find she bursts out laughing!

B) The positive side is that I am here! If Luke or Matthew fall and hurt there knee, I can be there to kiss it better, I can sneak in a quick lego build, I can have a workout dance with them or have a look at what they just created. As long as I choose to do it! If I hear "Mummy" my response should always be to get up and go, not the dreadful "I'll be their in a minute" This is not a way to make others feel guilty but as a work at home mum, I have to choose to do this otherwise I would just be a work at home, an entrepreneur and I would feel lost!

Housework does suffer though! I found lots of messy piles throughout our house, but I am so pleased that I am not a pristine clean mummy, the boys had so much fun today they were so good and just played for hours together


I very much sensed that this week could get pretty intense with having each others company 24/7 so I added a new rule to the behaviour chart. This week they could earn a special present if they got no more than 2 red stickers and at least 5 green stickers against each other on the charts.

I have mostly enjoyed watching them be best buddies this week, staying in their pj's till lunch time and enjoying each others company

I want to record a journey - a story of what it is like to be a mum and a business owner at the same time. My new resolution is to post at least once a week of the ups and downs of being a Mum and Entrepreneur combined!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Gift giver

Matty, mummy is so proud of you. I love watching you develop into a special boy that God created. I see only your daddies & my best character in you.

Your love language is becoming so clearly gifts. Not only do you delight in any treasure I find for you, but this week especially you have shown me your love of giving to others.

I loved watching you as you picked up beautiful items from the gift store trying to choose something special for your teachers. A cupcake stand, a bracelet, all these pretty things that only two lovely ladies would like. You totally put yourself in their shoes for this, I have not seen you look at girly things like this before.

In the end we decided that we would make their gift. You helped mummy bake the cake, and decorated it so well!

Ms Nick was delighted to receive it and she asked you all sorts of questions about it. Then she did a very special thing, she called Ms Annie even though it was before 9am and it was Ms Annie's day off, she knew her friend only too well and you had a such a dear conversation with Ms Annie for at least 5 minutes!

I am so grateful to God for giving you Ms Annie & Ms Nick, they love you treasure you and pray for you. Ms Nick said to me what a wonderful man you are going to grow up to be. I am honoured to have them watch over you all day when you are not with Mummy!

Well done for your first term of school!

All my love

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Above the Water

So we all have them, one of those weeks where it feels like your head and body are going in opposite directions, however sometimes finding the highlights of these times is often a great way to make it all better especially after finding your top was unbuttoned during pre school drop off. "blush"

Valentines Day Bloggers Swap:

Oh my gosh what genius! The rules where to do some baking, take half for the bloggers party and the other half gift to a secret blogger valentine with recipe included! I was very privileged to receive these bumble bee's and display from Miriam (MakeItGiveIt) who hosted the party

I sent off some chocolate cupcakes home with Juliet (Tartankiwi) and I had a massive sigh of relief when I made the effort to dress them up! Along the top I wrote "I have a secret blog crush on you" and planned to do a post on it but never got there. Next year, got the idea from In My Own Style

Why I love this idea:

We got to have a great morning meeting other bloggers and people who share similar passions (especially when Miriam whipped out a bag of fabric scraps !)                                                            

We got to eat some seriously yummy food and celebrate this fantastic day!

I got to bring home a plate full of yummy treats to share with my family

I got a brand new recipe (WHICH) I have already used! In fact I will be using it TWICE this week hence:

A last minute party
So thank goodness my friends seem to keep diaries and remember dates that I give them, because it was a slight surprise to realise last Sunday that this weekend was Lukes party! Quick panic - last minute party!

So a bag of lollies later we had a superhero theme and some invitations made over lunch.

More to come on this later!

Luke in front of the start of my woollen spider web, hope the cat's leave it alone tonight!

And Happy Birthday to my sweet Valentine, I really enjoyed watching "Safe House" last night at the movies with you and it got me in the right mood for this Superhero party! 

Monday, January 30, 2012

The big day

How did you get to this day while I can still remember mine?

We've shared such special times these last five years
Memories that are mounted in my heart forever

Thank you God for the slow mornings, the joy of discovering together, 
watching you start to walk, talk and laugh. 

The years we had in the rocking chair
the dancing and giggling and fooling around

The kisses on the scraped knees and sore heads
the friends we have made and the lessons we've learned

I cannot wait for the next chapter of discovery with you my first born thanks for always smiling and loving me so much!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lyttel Town Love

I have decided to start using playstation time (the time when the boys desert me to play Lego Batman) to do my best to blog and I have been eager to show you where we went on Saturday after the beach.

We went to Rapaki Beach for breakfast with friends on Saturday morning - this is a definitive must to add to your Summer to do list!

So on the way back we decided to pop into Lyttleton for a quick cuppa. We really enjoyed this harbour town before the earthquake and we have not been back for a proper visit in a while. Destruction is still very clear but so is something more special... the community

In the old  Underground coffee building spot now lies a place to hang out which is closer to the ground than ever before. This is the Lyttleton Petanque Club built by the community for the community.

With live music a place for the kids to play

and a pretty garden

What a fabulous idea! There is an atmosphere here that would never be found pre quake. Since writing this I have found the Lyttelton Town Blog here
and that projects like this one are springing up all over Christchurch through this organisation

What an exciting time to be in a city during such an innovative rebuild!
I encourage you to venture out to the places you love and support the communities still living there!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Season of giving

 I felt truly spoilt over the holiday season with random gifts of love -  a lot of them handmade or very well thought through - many not reciprocated but I feel at peace about that, like the domino effect (showing one act of kindness to one person and they pass it on).

Being  new in New Zealand  (1 year 7 months) I really enjoyed giving little gifts and Christmas cards, as a bit of a thank you for the support that we have received since being here. For some people it is the only chance you have to give a special gift!

So as a bit of a thank you to everyone I decided to do a post about a few of my gifts, not self gratifying, but to show you the heart and time and effort many put in over the giving season.

And at this point I would like to mention that if I have your bowl, plate, container ect I will make every endeavour to give it back to you this year - one of my resolutions

The words above created and framed by my outstanding husband, I am really not sure where I would find myself most day's without him! He has an amazing ability to withstand a huge amount of pressure (most of it from me!) and still maintain his composure and smile. I am so glad God sent him my way!

On the subject of love Penelope (right) was beaming when Percy arrived from a dear friend who has been incredible in her hospitality since we arrived. Lesley your way of including others all the time is something to be admired!

This was from a dear friend and fabric addict, I do have friends that I almost feel guilty about inviting over when the fabric room is so close! It is always great to see Treena as she is constantly smiling even through rough times! She is so inspiring and constantly has projects on the go and she gets them done! It will amaze you what she can accomplish in one night of sewing! This is her blog

This gift (Jewellery  roll) I got from another Christchurch blogger in our Christmas Secret Santa swap, these blogger buddies, have consistently inspired me to write. They make it look so easy to blog each day and this is what finally got me doing this personal blog! Thanks Juliet and sorry it has taken soooo long to get this out! Juliet's blog has to have one of my favourite blog names Tartankiwi go check it out here

Thanks Mom & Dad for these! We did not even get as far as pulling the 2 taped boxes apart! These are some pretzel sticks that are all the way from South Africa, along with books for the boys, a cd and lots of sewing stuff for me! What thoughtfulness!

Another special pressie from a friend, a very pretty handmade apron, cookie tin, cupcake recipe, tea towel and lots of choccies! Ruth is an amazing woman and will be teaching our sewing classes at Sew Pretty this year!

And finally I seem to be starting a collection of tins! Receiving 3 in total for Christmas, fabulous seen that I did not even know I was starting this collection!

This was of course not all the wonderful present's I received there were many more who put in tons of effort making things look pretty and sending things from across the miles, thank you to each of you, you made me feel very loved this year and inspired to get creating for next Christmas!