Thursday, February 16, 2012

Above the Water

So we all have them, one of those weeks where it feels like your head and body are going in opposite directions, however sometimes finding the highlights of these times is often a great way to make it all better especially after finding your top was unbuttoned during pre school drop off. "blush"

Valentines Day Bloggers Swap:

Oh my gosh what genius! The rules where to do some baking, take half for the bloggers party and the other half gift to a secret blogger valentine with recipe included! I was very privileged to receive these bumble bee's and display from Miriam (MakeItGiveIt) who hosted the party

I sent off some chocolate cupcakes home with Juliet (Tartankiwi) and I had a massive sigh of relief when I made the effort to dress them up! Along the top I wrote "I have a secret blog crush on you" and planned to do a post on it but never got there. Next year, got the idea from In My Own Style

Why I love this idea:

We got to have a great morning meeting other bloggers and people who share similar passions (especially when Miriam whipped out a bag of fabric scraps !)                                                            

We got to eat some seriously yummy food and celebrate this fantastic day!

I got to bring home a plate full of yummy treats to share with my family

I got a brand new recipe (WHICH) I have already used! In fact I will be using it TWICE this week hence:

A last minute party
So thank goodness my friends seem to keep diaries and remember dates that I give them, because it was a slight surprise to realise last Sunday that this weekend was Lukes party! Quick panic - last minute party!

So a bag of lollies later we had a superhero theme and some invitations made over lunch.

More to come on this later!

Luke in front of the start of my woollen spider web, hope the cat's leave it alone tonight!

And Happy Birthday to my sweet Valentine, I really enjoyed watching "Safe House" last night at the movies with you and it got me in the right mood for this Superhero party!