Friday, October 28, 2011

The Diaries - Passionate Purposeful Creativity

Creativity - Is the power of imagination. It is discovering your own special talents. Dare to see things in new ways and find different ways to solve problems. With your creativity, you can bring something new into the world.

Purposefulness - Being purposeful is having a clear focus. Begin with a vision for what you want to accomplish and concentrate on your goals. Do one thing at a time, without scattering your energies. Some people let things happen. When you are purposeful you make things happen.

These are the two words I picked up during our adoption/homes for life training today. One I seem to identify with easily, the other is a challenge ..... and adding one more might benefit this post!

Passion - Genuine passion is like a mountain stream; it admits of no impediment; it cannot go backward; it must go forward —Christian Nestell Bovee

Creativity is generally associated with artistic endeavours, however when you can apply this "power" of imagination to a broader spectrum including those such as Christianity, parenting, business and relationships it truly does open up many opportunities to bring newness into this world.

But how do we do this? So many of us are great at talking up an idea, an ideal, a plan, but how often does that get left behind in January with your New Years resolutions? I love the part of the Purposeful definition "scattering your energies" I am so guilty of this, even as I write this post! I seem to have become slightly addicted to doing as many things as I possibly can at once. (Ring any bells?) Part of this is just  being a mum, it is a "natural state of being" for us and is hugely responsible for this so called "mummy brain" that so many mums develop from not being able to fully concentrate on one task at a time without interruption (but we will leave that one for another time!)

So doing one thing at a time is a great idea and being aware of not scattering your energy is fantastic, but just saying it to yourself over and over or sticky noting it up on the wall is not going to make it happen. I tell you what will though... Passion.

Where would we be without it? Hegel thinks this "We may affirm absolutely that nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion. Think about it... Shakespeare, Henry Ford, Albert Einstein. It is our passion  that drives us, makes us stay up until 2am in the morning, and ultimately gets the job done.

Being passionate is not unbiblical either as long as you are steering it in the right direction. I have learnt all about passionate Paul while preparing for Alpha plus. What a man, what a love and who would not feel inspired and passionate after spending time with the creator?

Purposefully steering that passion into something creative is how you bring something new into the world, be it a business, a child, a relationship, or one of the best... someone to faith in God.

Some great inspiration found while writing this one