Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lyttel Town Love

I have decided to start using playstation time (the time when the boys desert me to play Lego Batman) to do my best to blog and I have been eager to show you where we went on Saturday after the beach.

We went to Rapaki Beach for breakfast with friends on Saturday morning - this is a definitive must to add to your Summer to do list!

So on the way back we decided to pop into Lyttleton for a quick cuppa. We really enjoyed this harbour town before the earthquake and we have not been back for a proper visit in a while. Destruction is still very clear but so is something more special... the community

In the old  Underground coffee building spot now lies a place to hang out which is closer to the ground than ever before. This is the Lyttleton Petanque Club built by the community for the community.

With live music a place for the kids to play

and a pretty garden

What a fabulous idea! There is an atmosphere here that would never be found pre quake. Since writing this I have found the Lyttelton Town Blog here
and that projects like this one are springing up all over Christchurch through this organisation

What an exciting time to be in a city during such an innovative rebuild!
I encourage you to venture out to the places you love and support the communities still living there!


  1. Your breakfast on the beach looks lovely! I haven't been back to Lyttleton since the quake either; it looks like I should though, especially since I LOVE petanque x

    1. It's a great idea Max, coffee shops are open some great looking restaurants and browsing stores and the Farmers market is always a good draw!