Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pirate by nature

Today we went to a Pirate party, I have to say this is the first party that my boys have been jabbering about for weeks before today!

We had to get dressed up for the occasion, which was super fun. Pookey was already dressed, seen that he literately sleeps in this costume!

For Mr 4 I made a simple eye patch out of some felt and black elastic which I so happen to have in my front room ;)

Now I know the mummy who has been preparing for this party and it has made us both come to a realisation about kid's birthday parties based on the amount of preparation that goes into them.

I am secretly torn between the two, the lazy relaxed part of me enjoys the idea of tipping a tub of tip top onto a plate and adding some yummy sprinkles - such like this

And I 100% support the idea that some years and times in life you just have to give into the simple way ... which can be massively satisfying, speaking from experience that is.

However if you are a creative addict then I see no harm in enjoying getting ready for your child's party, making them part of it and having a creative outlet quite simply! This is not about obsessively ensuring that every detail is top notch, it is about enjoying what you do and creating a magical world for your little one to enjoy. I did catch myself saying on more that one occasion "It is not about them, it's about you!" even if it is not your party!

I had super fun shopping for pirate wrapping paper (nothing that won't be used a zillion times over!) and when I did my last pak n save shop I picked up some chocolate coins to stick onto the present. 
The card was made recycling the invitation

I found these cute stickers at a dollar store, again I got these possibly a month before the party, I have tried to start creating a mental list of things to collect. The hard part is not to mis-place them before the event! 

And if you are starting to think I am super organised you know me not! However this pirate mummy totally is and it was great fun getting updates on party prep and virtually searching for ideas together in the last few weeks!

Well done my friendie! I eagerly await next year! 

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